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Scottish Overseas Guardianship Association

Why Have An Overseas Guardian? 

Sending your child overseas to be educated is a life-changing journey full of fantastic oppurtunites. Children learning overseas develop fluency in other languages, expand their cultural worldview and develop a sense of their own abilities. 
However, sending your child abroad also raises a lot of questions:

  • Who will accompany your child at school functions and parent teacher meetings? 
  • Where will your child go during exeats and half-term holidays? 
  • How will your child go home for Christmas or during the Easter holidays?

Despite the advantages to studying overseas, there are still stresses and issues that can get in the way of a child's potential. Enrolling your student with the Scottish Overseas Guardianship Agency means having these questions answered before your child starts their journey to adulthood at one of Scotland's ancient schools. Because they are with SOGA, parents and children alike can relax and focus on what is really important. 














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