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European Guardianship Package

Parents who live within Europe - including in the UK - are often able to have a more active involvement in their child's school life. 

As distance does not create such an obstacle, they are more likely to be able to attend school events and parent-teacher meetings. Children from such families are more likely to go home at half terms and longer exeats. 

However, the distance means that a guardian may be required for some duties. Such duties may include accommodation & practical assistance, academic support and pastoral care. SOGA offers a package designed to meet the needs of these families. 

Accommodation & Practical Assistance:

SOGA will provide a host family for your child to stay with if the student chooses to remain in Scotland during holidays. Our team will make sure that the host home is both comfortable and clean, where your child will be safe and looked after. 

In order to comply with UK child safety laws and legislation, SOGA verifies all of our host families. This includes police checks. 

The SOGA team will arrange any transport between travel links, airport, host family and school.

Academic Support:

  • A representative from SOGA can attend any Parent Teacher Meetings if you so wish
  • We will provide practical assistance where required such as shopping for school uniform and equipment
  • We will liaise with the school on curriculum issues and other matters
  • We will visit the school to monitor  your child's wellbeing and academic progress once a term
  • Support to boarding house during term time

Pastoral Care:

Pastoral care the term used to refer to any emotional, spiritual, academic, personal and practical support the young person may require during the year. 

SOGA acts as a Legal Guardian for your child during their stay in the UK and as such, we provide pastoral care as and when required. 

Examples of pastoral care include:

  • Introductory meeting with the young person and the SOGA team
  • Support documentation for Visa Applications, Immigration papers and Passports
  • Organising accommodation for exeats, and the beginning and end of term
  • Arranging to open the appropriate bank account
  • Meeting and greeting at arrival airport within term timetable
  • Being on hand to offer assistance at the airport
  • 24-hour emergency cover
  • Helping to book flights and tickets as required
  • Offering academic and cultural trips and tours
  • Luggage storage

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