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Information for Students


We are very pleased you are joining the S.O.G.A family, and we hope you will have a fantastic time studying in the UK. 

Our team is here to help and we look forward to getting to know you. We have a small admin team consisting of the boss - Pam,  her husband Peter and an admin assistant, Caroline. Their contact details are on the website if you haven’t already got them.

If you need help to organise your school uniform, your travel arrangements or have any questions or worries - no matter how big or small they may seem -  our team will be more than happy to help you.  

It is a legal requirement for students whose families live overseas to have a Guardian resident in the UK, and your parents have chosen S.O.G.A  to provide this service for you. 


  • To work with you and your school to achieve your academic goals 

  • Help you make the most of your time with your Host Family so that you achieve your social goals 



Host families provide a home from home accommodation for you during half-terms and exeats. They have a responsibility to protect and care for you in a safe and secure environment. 

Upon your arrival, host families will welcome you and explain their house rules. 

One of the biggest benefits of staying with a host family is that it gives you an insight and understanding of life in Scotland. You will also have the opportunity to learn many new and interesting things while staying with your host. 

It is important to remember that you are staying with them as part of the family, and not as a guest in a hotel. Host families do not get paid to look after you, the money they get is to cover the cost of your food and the extra expenses accrued by having an additional person in the house.



  • That you come into the family home and live as part of the family

  •  That you follow house rules and that you treat the family, and the house with respect.  

  • Be considerate of others when doing activities in the house

  • Keep your room tidy and help with chores

The family will talk to you about your likes and dislikes, and while you won't be made to eat anything you don’t like you will be expected to eat British food. 

You will also be expected to let the family know when you are going out, where you are going and what time you will be back.  Should you not be able to get back on time, you must let the family know why you are not going to be back in time and what time they can expect you back. 

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