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Worldwide Silver Package

Before coming to the UK, some families may already have friends or family here. Often they choose for that friend or family member to be the main legal guardian for their child while studying abroad. 

However, there may be cases where the guardian is unable to fulfil the full role. For example, should the legal guardian stay a considerable distance from the school and require SOGA to provide a localised package. Another example may be that the legal guardian is on holiday at the same time as the school and is therefore unavailable.

For families who find themselves in this situation, we have devised the Silver Package.

The silver package can include accommodation and practical assistance, academic support and pastoral care as required.

This package is tailored to meet the needs of the family and the legal guardian, as well as the young person. 

Any work which is to be carried out by SOGA will be done so in consultation with the legal guardian.

Accommodation & Practical Assistance:

SOGA will provide a host family in the event that the legal guardian is unable to provide accommodation.  Your child will stay with a SOGA host family where the accommodation is comfortable and clean.  We ensure that your child will be safe and looked after. 

In order to be compliant with the child safety laws and legislation of this country, we verify all of our host families. This includes carrying out police checks. 

SOGA will arrange any transport between the airport, host family and school.

Academic Support:

Support will be provided as requested by the family or the legal guardian. 

Pastoral Care:

Pastoral care is a term used to describe any emotional, spiritual, academic, personal and practical support the young person may require during their boarding school life. 

SOGA will provide any pastoral care for the student upon request.

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