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About Us

Sending your child to be educated at one of Scotland’s ancient schools is always going to be a challenge for any family. Although no one can ever replace a child’s family, parents using SOGA know that their child has a safe home in Scotland.

The Scottish Overseas Guardianship Agency offers pastoral care and legal guardianship services for international students whilst they are studying in Scotland and under the age of eighteen.

Most independent schools in the United Kingdom now require parents to a appoint a guardian.  This is easy if you have family or friends nearby but is more difficult if you do not have a social network in Scotland. SOGA works to place your child with a guardian family to support them in case of illness, suspension, or half-term holidays.

SOGA allows you to be more confident and relaxed in your decision to give your child an overseas experience. In choosing SOGA, you ensure that your child has the pastoral support they need.

SOGA is based in the historic city of Perth, in Scotland's central belt. Its central location is situated within an hour’s drive to both Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. SOGA is a family business managed by Pamela Keracher, husband Peter Keracher, and a small admin team. SOGA works to liaise between parents and schools to make arrangements best suited to their pastoral care and travel arrangements. Pamela Keracher, or a member of her small team, will visit the students at school. SOGA will also represent parents at any school events including teacher-parent evenings.  

Students stay with host families, chosen by Pamela Keracher, and are held to the highest level of legal scrutiny. This includes police checks. All checks are in-line with Child Care Legislation and Government Guidelines in relation to good childcare practice. 

The families chosen as guardian families have all been selected for their ability to readily share their home and family.  SOGA will attempt from the outset to place your child with a family that meets a student’s individual needs. Many students with SOGA over the years have developed lifelong friendships within and around their guardian families.

Because SOGA places students with families, students have the opportunity to experience Scottish and British society. Students are given the comfort of a home to relax, but also as a foundation from which to explore Scotland, and meet new people.  

Overseas students staying in Scotland

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