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Guardianship Packages

At the Scottish Overseas Guardianship Association, our main objective is to provide a safe and welcoming environment. A home away from home, where your child is free to settle into the British culture. 

We recognise that different families will have different needs and requirements. So, we have put together four different levels of guardianship: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

World Wide Platinum

Our platinum package is a premier guardianship. This is for those who believe their child requires additional assistance. This could be in the form of academic direction or in regards to social behaviour and integration. 

World Wide Gold

The gold package is for young people below 6th Form. It is aimed at students who are joining school to work through their academic years and join their peers and social groups.  Ideal for those looking to grow within themselves and become the best that they can be while achieving their own personal goal. 

World Wide Silver

This package is designed for families who already have friends or family in this country, but who may still require a guardian to undertake some duties. Any work carried out by SOGA will be in consultation with the legal guardian.

World Wide Bronze

This guardianship package is for students aged 16 and older. Older students are more mature.  SOGA realise the importance of giving them a sense of independence. 


For families who live within Europe, including in the UK, SOGA offers an alternative package to major guardianship cover. 

Sometimes the above packages aren't suitable to individuals. We understand that each child is unique and has their own needs and requirements.  That's why we are also open to discussing individual or bespoke packages for your child. These are priced on an individual basis. 

In addition to our guardianship packages, we also offer emergency services on an individual basis. These services are often arranged by school or parents when needed. 

Such services are needed in times of suspension or exclusion from school or if your child falls ill.

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