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Host Families

The Scottish Overseas Guardianship Association is committed to providing a caring, flexible and affordable guardianship which ensures students have a safe and enjoyable whilst studying in the UK. Guardianship plays an important role in the students’ development as well as providing support to their families. At S.O.G.A, we aim to provide the highest possible quality service which meets the requirements of Government Legislation and Guidelines.

What is a Host Family?

Host families provide a home from home accommodation for students during half-terms and exeats. While the overall guardianship responsibility remains with the Director of S.O.G.A, host families also have a responsibility to protect and care for the student in a safe and secure environment.

Benefits of Hosting

Being a host family is a rewarding experience. Host families gain insight and understanding of different cultures. Students have an opportunity to learn many new and interesting things while staying with their host.

Cultural experience

Students and Host Families have an opportunity to learn about a different lifestyle, different views and opinions, different ways of doing things as well as learning about more about the history and facts about the different countries they live in. There may also be opportunities for both the host and their families to take part in different activities.


While with their host family, students will have the opportunity to sample hearty British cuisine. If the Host family is brave enough to let the student cook, they can also experience different dishes from their student’s home country.

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