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What is a host family?

The typical definition of the term "host family" is a family that invites a non-family member to stay with them. Every organisation has a variation on what a host family is and what is expected of them. At the Scottish Overseas Guardianship, we define host families as a family who accommodates students when schools are on holiday, half terms and fixed weekends (Exeats).

When it comes to placing our students, we look at a range of different factors to ensure they are places with the most suitable host family. These factors include everything from interests and hobbies to location and accessibility to local transport links.

We try to ensure that the student returns to the same host family for all their stays during their time in the UK. This gives the student a ‘home from home’ experience and the continuity offers reassurance and a sense of familiarity for the individual. However, this can be difficult, and we appreciate that circumstances can arise that will result in a change of plans. 

Host families may be asked to host more than one student depending on what accommodation is available and the wishes/needs of the student(s).

We appreciate that relationships can be delicate, and the one between a host family and a student is no different. In order for a successful placement to occur, both parties will need to work together. Patience, understanding and communication are all crucial factors in making this a success. 

If you would like to find out more about being a host with S.O.G.A, then please feel free to get in touch with the main office.

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