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What to expect from your host family

Host families are expected to provide accommodation for you during any holidays, half-terms and exeats you have throughout the school year.  They have a responsibility to protect you and care for you in a safe and secure environment. 

When you arrive at your host family, they will hold a welcome meeting with you. During this meeting, they will explain their rules regarding mealtimes, your room and bathroom arrangements, as well as their house rules.

Remember, you are staying with the host family as part of the family. You are not a guest in a hotel or B&B. This means that host families are not paid to look after you.  The money they receive covers the cost of your meals and the extra expenses accrued by having an additional person in the house: such as extra electricity or hot water. 

The host family will provide your main meals of the day. They are not expected to provide snacks, such as crisps or chocolate, nor are they expected to buy fast food/ takeaways. If you would like a takeaway or snacks, you are expected to buy these yourself. 

You will be provided with the following: 

  •  Somewhere to put your clothes
  • A bed 
  • A towel 
  • A space to study

Please keep in mind, that you might not always get a room to yourself, you may be expected to share with another student. This depends on the accommodation the host has available at the time of your stay. 

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